Tech companies and recruiters use CodersRank to find developer talent in different ways. In this blog post, we’ll show you how Wozify used CodersRank’s targeted search to hire 6 developers in the span of just a couple of months. Spoiler: they especially loved the fact that they can find devs on CodersRank who are not registered elsewhere 👇

An excerpt from Wozify’s CodersRank review


Wozify is a software engineering firm that specializes in developing products for startups and high-growth technology companies.

They help their clients with a strategy-first and user-centric approach. The question they ask a lot is “What do we need to build to get you to your next milestone as fast as possible?”


As a growing tech company in a high-demand market, Wozify quickly started facing hiring challenges.

  • They suddenly started receiving new clients, sometimes multiple at the same time
  • They needed to hire excellent talent, fast
  • Eventually, they had to reposition themselves to “constant hiring mode” – but they needed a tool that was a good fit

Why other solutions did not work…

While Wozify have been using LinkedIn since the beginning, they found that it was overcrowded. Balázs Slezák, CEO of Wozify said: “Every candidate is constantly pitched by recruiters – and several candidates are not present on that platform.”

CodersRank saved the day

CodersRank is a platform built with developers in mind. This means, that you are able to narrow down the skillset you are looking for until you find the right hire. And this includes coding experience that CodersRank is able to see via the connected repositories.

In his review, Mr. Slezák said: “The ability to effectively search for candidates that have the exact skills we are looking for was a deciding factor when we subscribed to CodersRank.”

How to replicate Wozify’s targeted search method

  1. Login to
  2. Add your main keywords to the Search (e.g.: JavaScript or you can use a full Boolean, such as JavaScript AND react.js AND “functional programming”
  3. Add your location (or leave this field empty if you are looking for remote developers)
  4. Specify the Preferred Job Roles (e.g.: Team Lead)
  5. Save your search terms. This way you’ll be notified when a new CodersRank user matches your criteria.

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Make your search even more targeted by specifying the candidate’s years of experience

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Why this worked

CodersRank prides itself on being a community-first platform. This also means that the number of developers you see here might not be in the millions. In exchange, you get a highly engaged dev collective whose experience is trackable via their CodersRank score.

In short, quality trumps quantity, even when you are looking for multiple candidates.


Wozify is a recurring subscriber to CodersRank’s recruitment platform. As of this article, they have:

  • Hired 6 developers in just 2-3 months
  • Reduced their time using LinkedIn = up to 5 hours saved per week
  • Actively utilized CodersRank’s targeted search to map out the current developer market

“We can also react faster to client needs and augment our team extremely quickly,” they said.

Now it’s your turn to hire awesome developers 👨‍💻👩‍💻

Try CodersRank to grow your developer team or to fill your recruiter pipeline with more amazing hires!

One more word from the CEO of Wozify:

IT companies and recruiters, I encourage you to give CodersRank a try and be amazed. Developers, if you are not on the platform yet, register ASAP. I might offer you a job tomorrow 🙂

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Try CodersRank for free OR Sign up as a developer (also free)


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