Time flies fast, and over the past couple of months, a lot of things happened with us. So we’d like to summarize the most significant changes related to CodersRank.

Let’s start with the features …


Our MAIN GOAL is to give you a 360-degree profile to be able to show who you really are. And we truly believe that thanks to this accurate profile, later you’ll be able to see personalized job offers, learning materials, possible connections, mentors, etc.

So we’ve been hard at work in collaboration with our community, building the things you told us you wanted most. Here’s what’s new:


In July we announced you a big change in CodersRank’s life, which helps you to make your profile more accurate and realistic.

Earlier CodersRank by default only considered public GitHub repositories however, most of the developers have their code in private repositories. But we want to give a chance to these developers too to improve their scores by adding ANY GIT REPOS. That’s why we created our new repo extractor.

How does it work?
The most important things:

  • our Python script extract only the number of inserted and deleted lines in each commit,
  • other pieces of information (URL, file names, emails, names, etc.) are hashed,
  • the output file is saved to your machine so you can check what data is extracted,
  • finally, our extractor is open-sourced, so you can see everything we are doing in it and what kind of data we are getting from it.

All in all, our extractor doesn’t share any private data. So if you have a Confidentiality Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement with your company, you can also test the extractor and decide whether it’s fit your conditions or not.

And why we also LOVE the new extractor?

Our primary goal was to manage private repos. Even so, this integration can be used for any repo, not just for private repos. So you can add your GitLab, BitBucket, Azure DevOps, etc repos too. Sounds good, right? 🙂


We can admit to you our personal goal, that in the long run, most of the coders use their CodersRank profile as their CV. Thus we added the work experience section to your profile, where you can show your professional track record.


We wrote an article about how our scoring algorithm works. But our users wanted to learn more about it, so from now, we can show you more details. You’ll see a detailed view and get an answer for the questions like this: “Why I have scored in XY language?”.

Important note: In the first version of this feature, we won’t show you a detailed score about your private repositories.


Yes we know, your coding history speaks for itself. But we’d like to give you the chance to expand your profile page with your 500-characters long description about yourself.

It’s time to share some additional info about yourself. For example, your personal mission, family status, hobbies, etc. –  just surprise us with your creative solution. 


Our next integration is just around the corner. We released the Beta version of GitLab integration this week. You can add all of your repositories that are hosted on GitLab (including public and private repos too). GitLab self-hosted integration is also on the way. We are excited and waiting to hear your feedback.

We’ll give you more details soon, but until then, you can check it on your profile page.


We’re happy to announce that CodersRank raises $1,3 million in a round led by a Hungarian investor, called Hiventures.

So from now, we have all the support we need to follow our dreams and mission. What is ” to support coders’ professional growth”.

We are using the investment basically on two target areas:

  1. Scaling up our team to be able to deliver more and more super-useful feature for developers.
  2. Supporting our market expansion, marketing, and promotion campaigns.

Our goal is to increase our userbase up to 1 500 000 coders. So be prepared, because we have some really cool feature ideas and plans to reach this goal. 🙂


Our team is continuously growing with talented people from all around the world. And we don’t stop.

We are searching to hire talented REMOTE-FRONTEND-DEVELOPERS. So if you think this position matches your work-style and professional experience, or just know anyone who’d love to join the CodersRank journey, please help us.


We are sure, the end of the year will be super-exciting for us – because we have huge plans.

During the next few months, we’ll focus on your personal improvement (based on your current experience). We’d like to show you a personalized way to improve, thanks to your profile and the data from our whole database.

So what you can expect (including but not limited to) are

  • an updated, better scoring algorithm with a progress chart,
  • HackerRank and BitBucket integration to make your profile more accurate,
  • and some really exciting features, like notifications and custom groups
  • etc.

All in all; THANK YOU for your support!

Please leave a comment below, and let us know if you have any questions, or just need anything else. 🙂


CMO@ CodersRank.io | Our goal is supporting CODERS growth by their always up to date, professional CodersRank profile.

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