Guest Posting Guidelines

At CodersRank, we love collaborating with other developers who create content. On our Blog, we try to write articles that are interesting and helpful for the developer community. If you have a great idea for a post and would like to write for us, please follow the guidelines below.

What topics do we currently accept?

All articles should be about how to become a programmer or how programmers can improve themselves. More specifically:

  • CodersRank use cases. Showcase how you use CodersRank through a tutorial or a walkthrough (think: creative uses of our API or widgets).
  • CodersRank comparison articles. Provide an honest review and showcase differences between CodersRank and similar developer platforms.
  • Developer tool listicles. Provide a roundup of tools that make developers’ lives easier. Keep the roundup to one category. For example, tools for productivity, automation, scrum, general learning, etc.
  • Developer careers. Anything from tips on how to get a better job as a developer, personal stories, or entrepreneurship. Tips for newbies or senior developers are both welcome.
  • Developer health & productivity. Gather your favorite hacks for being a healthier, more productive developer.
  • Open source. Tools to use, collaboration tips, or similar articles.
  • Futurism. Write about your predictions for the software development scene. AI, machine learning, robotics, and other futuristic elements you think will affect developers’ lives in some way.

What are the guest posting guidelines on CodersRank?

All posts must be original and unpublished elsewhere. They should be 1,000-2,500 words in length and should be well-researched and well-written. If you’re referencing stats, only include figures from 2019 or later.

Formatting guidelines

You should follow these guidelines when formatting your posts:

  • Title. Use the H1 heading.
  • Subheadings. Stick to H2 and H3 subheader levels.
  • Paragraphs. Left-aligned, easy-to-read, with bullet points where needed.
  • Keyword. Focus on one keyword but stay away from keyword-stuffing. Keep it as natural as possible.
  • Google Docs. Write your post with Google Docs.
  • Images. Make all images 1360 pixels wide. Remember to include a folder with the image files when submitting your post to us. Only use images that are either in creative commons or you have the right to use them (, or screenshots are OK).

At the end of your article, please include the following assets about yourself

  • A short bio (50-100 words)
  • A clear, high-quality profile photo 
  • A link to your website/GitHub/LinkedIn

What are the benefits of guest posting on CodersRank?

CodersRank is a tool that helps developers like you showcase their experience in various languages. The platform creates a coding profile for you that’s a true representation of your progress as a developer.

You can connect your GitHub, Stack Overflow, or LinkedIn accounts to make your profile more accurate.

Through the platform, our 50,000-strong developer community is hoping to change how tech hiring is done forever. 

If you agree that tech hiring can be better, the CodersRank Blog might be the place for you to express those feelings. Feel free to bring an opinion, or a unique take, too (but no obscenity, please).

We are interested to see your take on our topics as long as you contribute to the developer community in a meaningful way.

In other words, while it’s OK to have an opinion, you should also ensure to give actionable advice in your articles.

Writing for us is also a great opportunity to build your personal brand as a developer in your selected niche or specialty.

You’ll be visible to:

  • About 7,000 unique visitors per month
  • Up to 10,000 combined followers on social media
  • Potentially 50,000 CodersRank users
  • Up to 2,000 tech recruiters via our email list

Guest post submission process

  1. First, submit your pitch. A guest post pitch consists of an article title + description + outline (all the H2 and H3 subheadings).
  2. Wait for an acceptance email or a rework request. We try to respond to every pitch but please bear with us during busy times. If your pitch is accepted, we’ll send you a confirmation email with a proposed deadline for the piece.
  3. Write the article
  4. Submit the article. Send us your completed article + image files + author assets in one Google Drive folder.
  5. Share your piece with the world. We’ll be sharing your article far and wide, but you should also show the world the amazing content you created!

Where to submit your pitch

Please send your guest posting pitches to info(at) with the subject line “Guest post pitch.”

Thank you for your interest in guest posting on the CodersRank blog. We look forward to hearing from you!