Get found by (more) tech recruiters by doing these 6 things.

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Today, we’ll dive into some insights on how you can create the ultimate best profile on CodersRank. It’s a highly recommended read if you’re a new job-seeking member to CodersRank but you can also use it as a refresher or summary if you’re a seasoned CodersRank user. After reading this post, you will know how to…

  • Get found by (more) tech recruiters πŸ”
  • Get offered better, more suitable jobs πŸ’Ž


You can also use the new Completion Wizard to walk you through the most important sections of your profile!

Also in this post: an update we will be releasing for the Work Experience feature.

Did you know, that 31% of developers find their new job through a recruiter? (internal or external recruiters – source)

This is why it’s essential to have a well-presented profile. It needs to do two things: it should make you a highly desirable developer but also earn you a job that suits you more than just being a match for “2+ years of experience in JavaScript”.

How CodersRank matches you with jobs

First, let’s see exactly how finding a job works on CodersRank. There are two ways you can find a programming job on CodersRank:

1. CodersRank Job Board

Yup, we have a job board where companies and recruiters can post their job openings for free. You can filter by location, tags, or other keywords. New jobs come in as often as daily, so be sure to check it out. Use it if:

  • You prefer to actively apply for jobs
  • You want to research a specific role: see what qualifications are required and what you can expect as a salary
  • You want to see your options in different countries

2. CodersRank profile

We work with a growing number of IT recruiter partners who regularly browse for available developers on CodersRank. We have created a custom search page for these partners which they can use to filter for candidates based on a given job opportunity.

Recruiters have a unique style when searching. Since we see these patterns in the backend, we wanted to share some insights with you so you can build your profile accordingly.

CodersRank101: setting up a job-seeking developer profile

For an assortment of tips, you can also follow our hashtag on Twitter: #codersrank101

The below steps mostly refer to manually adding information or descriptions to your profile. Don’t forget that you can add a bit of an automation to it:

Connect your GitHub, GitLab and Stack Overflow accounts to complete your profile with always up-to-date coding information.

Now to the interesting part!

Step 1: set your job-seeker status

Step 2: add your tech stack

Step 3: import/add your work experience

Step 4: add your specialization

Step 5: specify your readiness to go remote or relocate

Step 6: CV, company size and other details that are important to you

STEP 1: Set your job-seeker status

The best way to indicate to recruiters that you’re a job-seeker is by setting the job-seeker status to the one that best describes your situation. This status is not visible to the public.

Job-seeker status on CodersRank


  • You will be found by recruiters easier πŸ”
  • You can clearly indicate your job search preferences to recruiters.

How to add: login to your profile –> make the selection from the dropdown menu on your cover image.

STEP 2: Add your tech stack

This is one of the most important elements of your profile.

JavaScript? C#? Perl? What’s in your Tech Stack? Adding ALL of your languages/frameworks/technologies to your CodersRank profile will give the recruiter a full picture of your technical capabilities.


  • You will be found by recruiters easier πŸ”
  • We detected that a filter for one or more languages has been included in ALL of the searches performed by recruiters on CodersRank. Add your languages to be a part of MORE recruiter searches!

How to add: login to your profile –> go to the About me tab –> scroll to the third panel and click on the pencil to edit.

tech stack on codersrank
Tech stack example by CodersRank member Maximilian Berkmann

STEP 3: Add/import your Work Experience

You can add your Work Experience to your profile manually (like you would on a CV) or simply import your records from LinkedIn.

New! In just a couple of weeks, you will ALSO be able to bring over your education, porfolio, certificates and languages data via the LinkedIn integration feature!

screenshot of linkedin import step1

The purpose of adding your work experience is not so much to stand out in the search but rather to engage the recruiters who have landed on your profile. Everyone’s work history is different. What matters here the most is to provide rich information on each position you held. Select your highlighted technologies (what was the tech most prominently used in that role?) and talk about your accomplishments. If you can, include any stats of your performance (code delivery time, error rates, improvements, number of features deployed, difficult issues resolved, etc).

Benefit: more suitable jobs πŸ’Ž

How to add: login to your profile –> go to the About me tab –> scroll to the fourth panel and either click on ‘Add’ or ‘Add from LinkedIn’

STEP 4: Add your specialization

While tech recruiters have a fairly good idea about coding languages, libraries and frameworks, they are often not tech people per se. By including your specialization(s), you’ll give them guidance on the type of roles you’re most interested in.

Benefit: you will be found by recruiters easier πŸ”

This section is another popular filter among recruiters. You can use it two ways:

  • Either provide your specializations from your work history (if you’d like to continue on this path)
  • Or include job titles that you are aspiring to have (in this case, it’s helpful to include relevant coursework, portfolio items, or other supporting details in your profile).

How to add: login to your profile –> go to the About me tab –> edit the section by clicking on the pencil.

STEP 5: Specify your readiness for remote work or relocation

Since COVID-19 has changed the world, remote work became an even more attractive feature for developers than before. Still, many employers and candidates prefer to have options – we heard you, so we included a remote availability in your profile.

Remote availability options:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only remote
work remotely option codersrank

In addition, you can also specify whether you’re able to relocate for a job. For example if you have a rare but sought after combination of tech stack, recruiters would love to know if you’re willing to move for a job.


  • More suitable jobs πŸ’Ž
  • Recruiters get a better picture of your general availability for jobs.

How to add: login to your profile –> go to the About me tab –> open the Job Preferences section by clicking on the pencil.

STEP 6: CV/resume, company size and more

We have added even more options to your profile so that you can truly describe your dream job. You can add things like:

  • Your CV/resume (this is in case you have a CV you created in a specific way and want to showcase it)
  • Contract type preference (full-time, part-time, internship)
  • Salary expectation (yearly)
  • EU work permit (this is for the European recruiters)
  • Blocklist (technologies you don’t want to work with)
  • Company size (small startups, startups, medium-size companies, large companies)


  • More suitable jobs πŸ’Ž
  • Adding this information further deepens your professional goals. The more info you provide, the more jobs recruiters may be able to match to you.

How to add: login to your profile –> go to the About me tab –> scroll to Job Preferences and click on the pencil to edit all fields.


Having a fully completed profile on CodersRank improves your professional image, your personal brand online, and helps you get your dream job!

Adding your contact info, or even social profiles all up your chances to be found by recruiters.

You can complete your profile by…

  • Following the steps above
  • Using the newly released wizard

Whichever path you choose to get to your dream job; we wish you luck! Drop us a line on Slack for any feedback or success stories.


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