Every industry has people who stand out. They are blazing the trails, making incredible career moves, and establishing a strong legacy for themselves.

The tech field is no different. We have incredibly talented developers who are influencing the landscape. They are creating new interpretations of technical concepts, and building all kinds of tools and services that the world at large can benefit from.

To give you your daily dose of inspiration, we have collected a handful of Hungarian developers you should follow. But why Hungary?

Hungary is one of the leading software development destinations in the world. Studies show that software development represents 6% of the nation’s economy and employs over 80,100 people. 

photo of CodersRank team members
Our CTO, Peter and CEO Karesz

And did you know that CodersRank is based in Hungary, too? The reason why we’ll put the focus on Hungarian developers today is to pay a tribute to our country and to highlight some of the local talent.

We’ll feature as many countries as we can in upcoming blog posts.

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These 7 Hungarian developers work hard to share quality content. Some are book authors, some are podcasters, some have their own courses. Most of them are already on CodersRank but we also included a few devs who are not, as we wanted to focus on outstanding achievements.

Check them out and be inspired! 

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Gábor Ruzsinszki

Gábor is a software architect and teacher with over 12 years of experience in C#, .NET Core, and WPF. He served as a lecturer at the University of Szeged for 6 years, passing on his wealth of knowledge about computer networks, information security, and electronics to the next generation of programmers.

The C# guru is passionate about helping others learn and reach their potential. Gábor has been invited to speak at several conferences. He regularly creates blog posts and video content explaining technical concepts or sharing insights from his developer journey.

Gábor’s other achievements include:

  • Authoring two books on C#, IoT, & Microcontroller project development: Programozható Elektronikák released in 2019 and Hello C# published in 2020.
  • Expert knowledge of JavaScript, C, Shell, HTML, Batchfile, JSON, C++, PHP, CSS, Flask, and NodeJS.
  • He is in the Top 3% Being in the top 1% of developers worldwide is based on experience and skills.

If you’re a beginner or senior developer looking to discover fresh points of view on programming and advance your abilities, you should follow Gábor and keep an eye on his work.

You can check out his CodersRank profile, visit his website at Webmaster442.hu, or take a look at his GitHub profile. You can find him on Facebook at Webmaster442.hu.

Ferenc Erki

photo of erki ferenc

Ferenc Erki is an IT automation specialist, DevOps/SRE generalist, cloud builder, FLOS maintainer, founder of open-source contributors’ meetups, and a Perl hacker.

This self-described autodidact wears many professional hats. Ferenc has over 14 years of professional experience. He has enjoyed a flourishing career full of several notable achievements.

What he’s up to:

  • Ferenc serves as lead maintainer for the Rex automation framework.
  • He helped CodersRank improve support for Perl to recognize modules, tests, and a collection of popular libraries, in addition to script files.
  • Ferenc is very active in Perl communities on Reddit and other platforms.
  • Ferenc is skilled at multiple programming languages and tech stacks including Perl, Python, JSON, HTML, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Moo, and Gentoo.

We highly recommend that aspiring and established backend developers follow Ferenc.

Ferenc Erki is active on LinkedIn and Twitter. Feel free to check out his CodersRank profile and see what he’s up to on his GitHub Sponsors page.

Judit Pacsai

photo of judit pacsai

Judit is a front-end developer and self-confessed gamer girl. She has a keen, problem-solving mind and a passion for building creative and innovative software. If you want to learn how to create and implement unique designs, Judit is one to watch.

What she’s up to:

  • Judit is ranked in the top 4% of developers on CodersRank and is one of the top 10 CSS and SCSS developers on the platform.
  • She is skilled in multiple languages and technologies including JavaScript, React, React Native, Vue, Sass, TypeScript, Redux, NextJs, Jest, Cypress, Puppeteer and Python.
  • Judit is very active on GitHub with a variety of interesting projects.
  • She has built many applications such as a book tracking app, neighborhood app, classic arcade game, matching game, and a restaurant reviews app.
  • She holds multiple certifications from Udacity, CodeBerry, and FreeCodeCamp.

You can follow Judit on her Linkedin page, CodersRank profile, or Github repository.

Albert Borsos

photo of albert borsos

Albert is a software consultant and backend developer who specializes in system design and development. He is passionate about creating web-based applications that help businesses perform better and grow faster.

What he’s up to:

  • He offers his own training workshops and courses on Git and Yii.
  • Albert built a free SEO text generator tool, as well as a Password generator to help people generate strong passwords and remember them.
  • He is ranked in the top 33% of developers on CodersRank.
  • He is recognized as a PHP, Yii, Javascript, Symfony, HTML, CSS, JSON expert.
  • Albert has worked on projects for Deutsche Telekom, Invitel, OTP, Magyar Telekom, WizzAir, Szerencsejatek Zrt, among others.

Both front-end and back-end developers can learn a lot from Albert, including tricks and hacks that can help them become wildly successful in their careers.

You can visit Albert’s CodersRank profile and his personal website to find out more about him, read his blog, use one of his free tools, or register for his courses. To see his latest projects, you can also follow him on GitHub .

Dávid Levai

photo of david levai

Dávid is an experienced Tech Lead, Product-centered Full Stack dev, Content Creator and entrepreneur. He is enthusiastic about self-development, productivity, digital marketing, and UX.

What he’s up to:

  • Writing and publishing tech articles on several platforms such as his website, Medium, and Dev.to.
  • Serving as a programming mentor at Udacity.
  • Dávid served as the CEO and Tech Lead of Classy Digital Agency, a web development and marketing agency based in Budapest.
  • He has built and deployed several apps including UniPie, Startender Mobile App, BES, Medicall Mobile Application and several PWAs and Full-Service projects.

You can find him on Instagram at @davidlevai.codes and subscribe to his YouTube channel. He uses his channel to teach software developers how to advance their careers and be successful as freelancers.

You’ll benefit from checking out Dávid’s Github profile or CodersRank profile to see the interesting stuff he’s working on.

Krisztián Papp

photo of krisztian papp

Another talented developer who you should be following is Krisztián Papp. Krisztián has years of experience working as a software engineer in the information technology and services industry.

He specializes in Java and Spring, and is well-skilled in a host of other languages and technologies. 

Krisztián is also a professional speaker, blogger, and content developer. He loves providing guidance, motivation, and support to other programmers.

What he’s up to:

  • He is the founder of Letscode.hu, a Hungarian development community that provides tech professionals with all the tools, tips, and tricks needed to succeed in their trade.
  • Krisztián also provides video tutorials for beginners.
  • He hosts a podcast on SoundCloud also named Letscode.hu.
  • He has published lots of content on Medium and his website Letscode.hu.

If you’re a back end developer, we recommend reading his articles and listening to his podcast. You can follow Krisztián on Twitter @tacsiazuma and Github at Tacsiazuma.

Zsolt Nagy

photo of zsolt nagy

Zsolt is a web development lead, professional poker player, mentor, IT career coach, and full stack engineer.

He has over 10 years of experience using cutting edge technologies to develop maintainable web applications.

He is passionate about solving complex problems, building meaningful products, and helping developers achieve their professional and personal goals.

Zsolt is one of the most celebrated developers in the industry and he has done a lot to earn this fame and respect.

What he’s up to:

  • He has his own courses on Udemy and regularly conducts workshops and training programs on a variety of topics.
  • Zsolt is highly competent in JavaScript, jQuery, CSS3, SASS, HTML5, JSON, PHP, C++, MySQL, Oracle, Linux, Windows, REST API, and many more languages and tech stacks.
  • He runs three different blogs and publishes content on Medium, Butter CMS, Leanpub, amongst others.
  • Zsolt is the brain behind Memory Trainer, Gomoku, Hierarchy Tree, and Hand History Parser web applications.
  • He is the author of multiple books—Modern JavaScript, The Charismatic Coder, ES6 in Practice, Soft Skills to Advance Your Developer Career, and The Developer’s Edge.

Follow Zsolt on Medium and Twitter @Z501t to benefit from his content and wealth of experience, or take a look at his Github profile. You can learn more about Zsolt by visiting his blogs. His coding blog on zsoltnagy.eu and his website programozaskarrier.hu will help you improve your JavaScript skills by building real-world applications and solving interview questions.

Are you ready to build a compelling portfolio?

I hope you liked this quick list of Hungarian developers who are worth following. There’s no denying that these devs are all talented and at the top of their careers. However, they didn’t get to this position overnight. They have had to practice relentlessly and learn from other developers who are doing groundbreaking work.

How do your skills and experiences measure up?

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