Reaching out to candidates has just become much easier. We are proud to announce the release of a much-awaited functionality: Message Templates are now available in CodersRank’s Search platform.

From now on, you can save your favorite outreach messages and reuse them as you see fit. You can also edit existing templates and remove the ones you no longer need.

Templates allow you to reuse your favorite messages when reaching out to candidates

Candidate and Position Properties

In order to make batch messaging easier, we have also introduced the ability to insert Candidate Properties and Position Properties into your message. Simply pick any of the properties, such as the given candidate’s first name or name of your position and they will be replaced with correct information once sent out. You can preview the message with the placeholders replaced by actual values using the Preview tab.

Please note that in order to use Position Properties, you need to select or create a new Position that will in turn become the source of information fueling all Position Properties.

Speed up your outreaches by using properties – we’ll replace them with actual data

About CodersRank

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