After we run Java week, it’s time for JavaScript week at CodersRank 🎉

In recent years, JavaScript has been consistently ranking in the top three most popular programming languages. Based on CodersRank users’ commits, JavaScript was the most popular language with our community in 2020 (with a whopping 851K commits).

Today, we’d like to highlight twelve cool JavaScript developers (in no particular order) who are not only great at what they do but also share their knowledge and contribute to the community. Some of them are big names already, but we’ve also included some rising stars⭐

Whether you’re a beginner in JavaScript or a seasoned professional, you’ll find lots of quality educational content by following them 👇

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David Walsh

David Walsch is a former Senior Software Engineer and evangelist for Mozilla. Prior to that, he worked as a Core Developer on MooTools JavaScript Framework, where he created numerous MooTools plugins, and as a Software Developer at SitePen. One of his mottos is to ‘work as much in the open-source space as possible’.

What he’s up to now:

  • Serves as Senior Full-Stack Engineer at MetaMask
  • Speaks at various conferences and meetups such as London AJAX, AustinJS, BrazilJS, Snow*Mobile, etc.
  • Shares cool demos, useful tutorials, and invaluable dev career lessons on his blog and to his 83,000+ followers on Twitter

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Piotr Kowalski

Piotr Kowalski is an open-source enthusiast and seasoned JavaScript developer. He started his career as a Web Developer, but once he discovered his passion to JavaScript, he decided to focus on the frontend and never looked back.

Kowalski is an expert in building web applications in diverse environments (for example this Smart TV platform or He’s created the architecture for lots of other big commercial projects, which are being used by a few millions of users monthly.

As a keen community builder, Kowalski also co-founded WarsawJS, ConFrontJS, and Educaton. If you’re looking for informative JavaScript content, you’ll love Kowalski’s blog (181 data-packed articles (!)) and his YouTube channel. At CodersRank, we’re big fans of his History of Front-end timeline and Awesome Shortcuts collections.

What he’s up to:

  • Works as Senior Frontend Software Engineer at Sumo Logic
  • His GitHub profile is a treasure trove of utility projects to explore
  • Shares useful tutorials on his blog and runs live open source sessions on his YouTube channel
  • Organizes webinars and training sessions on all things JavaScript

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Szymon Piłkowski

Szymon Pilkowski is an experienced JavaScript Developer with a passion for all kinds of experiments, focusing on HTML5 and NodeJS. He’s worked in a variety of exciting dev roles, such as helping NGO’s visualize their social change at Impact Mapper or visualizing orbits, flybys, and Near-Earth Objects for the European Space Agency.

Prior to that, in 2016 he’s served as a founder and teacher at the programming school

What he’s up to:

  • Serves as a Sofware Engineer at, a cool startup that leverages AI to design novel chemical syntheses within seconds.
  • Ranks in the Top 5 JavaScript Developers in Poland at CodersRank
  • Grows a community at JS News: Jobs FB group

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Ben Nadel

Ben Nadel is the co-founder and a principal engineer at InVision App, Inc, a company that is at the forefront of the design and UX revolution. He lives and breathes JavaScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, ColdFusion, and User Experience.

On his blog, you’ll learn about various aspects of web application development including but not limited to the topics of ColdFusion / Lucee, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and SQL.

What he’s up to now

  • Runs ‘Working Code’ podcast (new episodes drop weekly on Wednesdays) 
  • Works on a variety of Open Source projects

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Shawn Wang (Swyx)

Shawn Wang is a JavaScript developer who has worked on React and serverless JavaScript at Two Sigma, Netlify and AWS. He’s mainly active in the web dev community as a blogger and frequent speaker, committed to Learn in Public movement. He’s a GitHub Star and Stripe Community Expert.

Swyx has started and run communities for hundreds of thousands of developers, like Svelte Society, the React subreddit, and the React TypeScript Cheatsheet.

What he’s up to now:

  • Currently working on Developer Experience at
  • Recently published The Coding Career Handbook with advice for engineers going from Junior to Senior. 
  • Teaches various courses and workshops (Design Systems with React + TypeScript, Building Custom CLI Tooling with OClif and React-Ink, Complete Intro to Netlify in 3.5 hours, etc.)

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Tania Rascia

Tania is a Senior Software Engineer specializing in modern JavaScript/TypeScript and architectural design patterns, documentation, and best practices. She started making websites in 1998 (on Geocities) and has been making them ever since.

On her blog (and in all her posts in other places), you can expect to learn a ton about Node.js, JavaScript (React/Redux, Vue), TypeScript, PHP, Python, Bash, HTML5, CSS3, JSON, and more.

What she’s up to now:

  • Serves as Staff Software Engineer at Balto AI
  • Recently authored Understanding the DOM book 
  • Writes lots of tutorials on her blog and other websites
  • Works on a variety of open-source projects, which are available on her GitHub.

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Khriztian Moreno

Khriztian Moreno is a JavaScript developer. On a daily basis, he uses JavaScript (ES6), React, Gatsby, CSS (inJS), GraphQL, Serverless, just to name the most important bits. He’s a community leader and an altruistic speaker. He helps others learn by doing through articles, videos, and courses about Javascript, React, and the static web.

What he’s up to now:

  • Co-organizes Medellin.js (the biggest JavaScript user group in Colombia), Avanet and JAMstack Medellin communities
  • Speaks at podcast
  • Producer at via @twitch

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Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds is a JavaScript software engineer and teacher. He’s taught hundreds of thousands of people how to make the world a better place with quality software development tools and practices. He’s a keen educator and organized multiple JavaScript workshops.

What he’s up to now:

  • Runs ‘Chats with Kent’ podcast
  • Develops awesome (and many of them free) video courses on React, JavaScript, Suspense, etc.
  • Runs The KCD Community on Discord, a community of people who want to make connections, share ideas, and use software to help make the world a better place

Get in in touch with him on:

Robin Weiruch

Robin Wieruch is a self-employed software and web engineer dedicated to learning and teaching JavaScript for client-server architectures. After obtaining his Master’s Degree in computer science, he gained experience from the startup world, where he used JavaScript intensively. 

He shares his many years of practical experience in the field via his blog, four self-published ebooks, and a course platform.

What he’s up to now:

  • Shares excellent writings on all things JavaScript, React.JS, Node.JS, Firebase on his blog
  • As a keen believer in bridging the knowledge gap and unequal access to learning, his e-book The Road to React was translated into 6 languages (Russian, French, Chinese, Italian, Korean, Portuguese, and Persian)
  • Shares great tutorials to 17,000+ followers on Twitter

Follow him on:

Paolo Duzioni

Paolo Duzioni is a web developer focused on the front-end side and a coding coach, who has always been attracted to how creativity can be used along with web technologies, to create amazing experiences.

He builds websites and web applications, WordPress and Drupal themes, Laravel web apps, Vue JS and React JS/Native apps.

What he’s up to:

  • Works as a Teacher at Boolean Careers
  • Ranks in the Top 100 JavaScript developer in Hungary
  • Contributes to a variety of Open Source projects

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JC Smiley

JS Smiley is an experienced React Developer and a community builder. His top specialties are React, React Native, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node/Express, Angular, and Java.

Smiley is passionate about organizing tech meetups, helping others learn to code, and moderating an online slack channel for local developers. 

What he’s up to now:

  • Manages Code-Connective, a local non-profit tech meetup group
  • Organizes other various meetups such as Dev-Memphis, Code-Connective, and Memphis Web Workers
  • Serves as a Teaching Assistant at Teach Code

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Jennifer Ponder

Jennifer Ponder is an experienced Technical Solutions Leader. She has worked as a software developer solving complex problems and implementing agile methodologies for B2B and B2C organizations. 

A constant leader for diversity, equity, and inclusion in tech. She has helped communities plan their diversity and inclusion development strategies for minorities and underrepresented groups in tech. 

What she’s up to now:

  • Serves as a Co-Lead for Atlanta Chapter for Black Women Talk Tech (Talk Tech Association) and National Program Director at STEM Atlanta Women
  • Serves as Director of Technology at Common Counsel Foundation
  • Partners with startups and non-profits for events in the Atlanta area where she has given technical talks and talks around women creating their own pathway to reach leadership

Follow her on:

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