After the release of Seniority Badges earlier this summer, we are happy to announce the arrival of brand new Streak Badges to CodersRank.

Do you code a lot in your spare time? Maybe you can’t even imagine a day without writing a couple of lines for your side project? Great news – using your CodersRank Profile you can now showcase your commitment to regular coding thanks to Streak Badges, developed by popular demand. From now on, you will have something extra to show for the hours spent building your passion project: be it the next hot metroidvania game, dev tools to make yours (and others) work easier, or maybe even a whole new operating system?

What is a Streak Badge?

Streak Badge is a type of badge that you receive for having committed at least once for a given number of days in a row. It’s a celebration of the passion for coding and the badge’s aim is to allow you to be proud of it. We currently support the following Streaks:

Streak – 7 days
Super Streak – 14 days
Mega Streak – 30 days
Hyper Streak – 100 days
Giga Streak – 365 days
Ultra Streak – 1000 days

Some of the available badges in CodersRank’s Dark Mode

How Does It Work?

If you commit for a given number of days in a row in line with the list shared above, you will receive a badge. The badge does not expire so if you have reached, for example, 14 days of a Coding Streak only once, you’re able to keep the badge. If you get multiple Streak badges, it is up to you to decide which one of them you would like to highlight in your profile.

To ensure that your Streaks are calculated correctly, make sure to integrate your account with all of your repositories that you’ve worked on.

Enabling Streak Badges

In order to add to your profile all the badges that you’ve earned so far, all you need to do is log into your profile. Once logged in, you will see a pop-up informing you about new badges you have earned and prompting you to highlight your badges in a dedicated menu.

In case you think you might have earned some new badges that aren’t present in your profile yet, make sure to refresh your profile using the dedicated refresh button .

What about my Widgets?

These changes of course impact the Widgets, too! Make sure to refresh your Summary Widget so that it stays up to date with the new, cool, fresh badges that you have earned.

Got any feedback about this feature? Or about anything else in CodersRank? Or maybe you think you have the best idea for a new badge we could add? Head over to our Canny page where we gather all feedback from you – our users. Streak Badges were prioritized thanks in part to how many upvotes it got on our board, and we’ll be taking inspiration from your requests more and more often!

And don’t forget about our Slack community – it’s a fantastic place to share CodersRank experiences or interact with CodersRank team in real time. See you there!

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