During October we’ve been hard at work in collaboration with our community, building the things you told us you wanted most.

So here are the most important changes:

GitLab integration

Our main goal to give you a 360-degree profile to be able to show who you really are. And we’ve known at the beginning that we couldn’t do this without GitLab.


We all know that GitHub is the world’s leading software development platform with its circa 40 million users.

And comparing with GitHub, GitLab is probably the leading contender when it comes to alternative code platforms. It’s fully open source. You can host your code right on GitLab’s site much like you would on GitHub, but you can also choose to self-host a GitLab instance of your own on your own server and have full control over who has access to everything there and how things are managed.

GitLab pretty much has feature parity with GitHub, and some folks might even say its continuous integration and testing tools are superior. Although the community of developers on GitLab is certainly smaller than the one on GitHub. But GitLab also has an enormous userbase and regarding your previous feature requests, we sure that most of you have an account.

About the integration

To connect your GitLab account is quite easy. If you are not self-hosting your repositories, then just do the authentication process, and we’ll analyze all of your repos.

If you run a self-hosted version, you need to generate and provide a personal access token, plus we also need your base URL.

Also good to know that you can add multiple instances of self-hosted Git Labs.

New Scoring Algorithm

A few days ago we launched our new algorithm (version 3) which gives you a better, more accurate Total Score and profile.

Basically, our previous algorithm was based on your commits and the popularity of the repositories you’ve used. We only analyzed the number of your commits and ignored the importance of the changes.

From now, we’ll check your source code as well, and take a look at the significance of the changes. We check the line changes on a weekly basis.

But because this new process is resource-intensive, we had to introduce two new limits:

  • Repo size: max. 0.5 Gb
  • The number of commits: max. 10,000

If your repositories exceed these limits, we’ll temporary ignore them during the calculation. But in the future, we’ll evaluate these repos as well, and still working on how to fix this issue.

Important note: meanwhile, you can avoid this limit by using our “Manually added repos” feature in the Sources section. So we can take these repos into the consideration if you add them manually to your profile.

What can you expect from the new algorithm?

  1. More accurate scores, because we can measure better the experience that you gained using different technologies.
  2. Your Total Score may decrease if you used repositories with more starts.

Global score refresh

We’ve already started to run this new algorithm, so your profile is expected to be updated by Friday. In the meantime, if you want to check your new score, you don’t have to wait for it. Just log in to your account, and refresh your profile manually.

Please help us with your feedback

To analyze thousands of CodersRank users’ profile needs lots of time and work. This process may generate some unexpected errors. So if you find an error or if you have any feedback regarding our new algorithm, please let us know.

Join our public Slack channel and leave us a comment.


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    • Karoly Paczari Reply

      You are totally right, we had an issue with score generation after algorithm change. Fixed, now it must work!

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