Recruitment is not easy these days. The number of hires you need to place in a given month can vary from 2 to 100+.

Bulk hiring is easy. Said nobody ever.

We get it. Well, good news! Your developer candidate search just got easier in two ways:

  • In the past 90 days, nearly 2,500 new developers registered on CodersRank
  • We updated our candidate search platform to help you source MORE amazing developers

So, you are officially equipped with 2,500 new developers who may be interested in your positions + a refreshed one-field boolean search. Moreover, a lot of them are not on LinkedIn but they uploaded their CVs on CodersRank. Yup, we’re that amazing.

Let’s see what’s new in detail.

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1. Improved search fields

a) Combined the search fields into ONE

We have combined the previous “Tech Skill” and “Keyword Search” fields into one. The purpose of this search field is now more straight forward: you can search with all the boolean terms that you know and love.

b) Finessed how candidate experience is evaluated

You now get a better picture of a candidate’s true experience. We fine-tuned their evaluation by giving more weight to the following info.

  • Tech stack
  • Work experience
  • GitHub and GitLab activities

We also introduced a new section under each candidate’s summary. You can now see their an Estimated Min. Experience figure based on their contributions to different technologies. This estimate is very accurate and it even works if the candidate has provided zero manual input on their profile.

Where to find it: at the bottom of every candidate summary on the search results page.

estimated minimum coding experience

In the sourcing world, framework naming conventions can give you a good headache. Not on CodersRank! No matter which version you use, ALL of them will be searched for in the background.

For example:

  • nodejs = node.js = node js = node
  • javascript = js
  • go = golang
  • django = django-rest-framework = django rest = django/flask = django-oscar

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2. Improved filtering (find users without LinkedIn!)

CodersRank takes pride in the sheer number of developers who choose our platform over LinkedIn. It’s not only a cool community for them. It’s also a place where they only get contacted by recruiters/companies who do their due research before sending out a contact invite. In other words, a no-spam zone!

Therefore, in order to satisfy both sides with value and meaningful interaction, we have made filters available for you to find users without a LinkedIn profile, with work permit and with a CV.

Plus, you can also filter for only active job-seekers here.

Where to find it: these filters are on the very bottom of the left sidebar.

Advanced tip: don’t forget to pop open the CVs of qualified developers. They often include their email addresses or phone numbers.

3. Added an automatic notification email for your saved searches

Get a notification email if a developer matches one of the saved searches!

There’s nothing extra you need to do to activate this feature, other than saving your candidate searches.

Where to find/activate the saved searches: it’s on the very top of the left sidebar.

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4. Added a feature request page

CodersRank is continuously improving its features. The platform is ready to adapt to what’s most important to YOU. Therefore, you now have easy access to the feedback page. Our team is monitoring it on a daily basis and we discuss them on our bi-weekly meetings.

You can…

  • Submit your own idea
  • Vote for a previously submitted idea
  • Search for ideas

Where to find it: this option is available in the navigation on the top of the CodersRank search page.

Vote, vote, vote!

5. Made updates to the UI

As a technical recruiter, you probably find UI as important as developers do. This is why we fine-tuned our design and structure here and there.

  • New, combined search (see this in the first half of this post)
  • Better filtering options
  • CodersRank favicon on the browser tab

What’s next?

We are currently working on further improving the search functionality and giving you more aid in contacting developer candidates. Hint: add your contact info to Profile > Account Settings because soon it will be automatically placed into your correspondence!

So, hang on for more recruiter search updates coming your way!

In the meanwhile, feel free to register a trial account or download our latest sourcing ebook.

ultimate guide to sourcing developers ebook


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