I have some exciting new features to announce to your favorite developer platform! The following update is for our tech recruiter partners and clients.

πŸ‘‰ Go to search.codersrank.io to try the features mentioned below.

Before diving into the new features, I wanted to share my excitement with you about our growth! The most exciting part being that we are growing at a FAST and STEADY rate at 1,000+ candidates on average each month. For a fairly new startup, I say, this is AMAZING. 😎

User base growth chart since our inception in 2018

Most of these developer candidates have extensive experience in their respective fields. They feel more comfortable showcasing their results and being active in a community like ours. As we wrote about this in our 7 creative ways to source & screen candidates blog post; a growing number of devs are hesitant to be active on mainstream social media. This heavily affects your traditional candidate sourcing methods. In short, we can present talent to you who you would NOT find on LinkedIn.

(Also, a lot of these candidates are freshly available job-seekers who have not been contacted by a ton of recruiters already. Picture this: thousands of high quality, excellent talent with high response rates waiting for your knock on their door. That’s a recruiter’s dream, right there. ✨)

Bonus: you also get an instant notification of newly registered candidates. Thanks to being the first to know about them, your response rates will basically go out the roof.

I hope you are just as excited about this fantastic community platform as we are! If you haven’t already; get on board now! We are accepting registrations from anyone including recruiters, HR reps, startups, or companies looking to hire talented developers.

πŸ‘‰ Request an account (and a free demo) from me! I will personally evaluate your needs and help you get the most out of a CodersRank account! 🌟

What’s new?

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Experience-based search results get highlighted in green or orange
  • Experience-based search results get highlighted in green. Similar matches (where the years of XP may be a few years off) get highlighted in orange.
  • This type of search is available for languages AND now for technologies, too.

Previously, search results were displayed in two different tabs: (“Perfect Matches”, and “Other Matches”). We have cleaned up this page so that candidate results are presented in just one stream. Experience-based matches are highlighted in the “CodersRank score” row.

Find hidden gems with the new search πŸ’Ž

Why did we divide them in the first place? Let’s say a developer is well versed in Go but they forgot to add it to their profile. At the same time, their repository information (under CodersRank score) does contain activity in Go. We wanted to ensure that in such a scenario, the developer would still get a good ranking in your search results.

Here are 3 new ways this new feature can help you discover new candidates:

  • Hidden talent now shows up in your search (who you previously would have missed)
  • You get a more in-depth look in each candidate’s past experiences via the CodersRank score
  • You are able to uncover hidden talent by searching for languages OR technologies
Here, the developer did not list their skills but you can still see them via their connected repos.

How to test this update:

Search in our talent pool using any query containing a language or a technology (new!). For example, by searching for AngularJS or ReactJS, you will be able to see more matches than before.

πŸ’Ž Bonus: looking for a developer in Berlin but open to other cities, too? You will now see related results for candidates who fit your search criteria but may be residing elsewhere within the country. This is another way you can discover hidden talent from the crowd.

Updated candidate profile summary

New: Repos with highest activity & highest rating (last two rows on the screenshot)
  • Find out in which repos and languages a selected candidate is most active (all-time activity).

Interested to know in which areas your select candidates are the most active? You can do that now! This additional info can be handy when evaluating similar candidates or when the job description has a lot of “preferred skills”.

Types of activity info:

  • Repos with highest activity
  • Repos with highest rating

How to test this update:

  1. Search in our talent pool. 2. Select a candidate by clicking View Profile. 3. Scroll to ‘Stats’ and review the candidate’s activity metrics.

Activity Chart

  • This is a chart that displays ALL areas of activity for the past year broken down by platform (e.g. GitHub, StackOverflow, GitLab, etc.)

This Activity Chart will give you an idea of the platforms that developers were most engaged with in the past year. This overview comes especially handy if you are looking for a dev who has a proven record of recent activity.

How to test this update:

  1. Search in our talent pool. 2. Select a candidate by clicking View Profile. 3. Scroll to ‘Activity Chart’ and review the candidate’s Activity Chart.
  • Adjust account settings manually, such as your name, company name, and your UI’s display theme.

You know CodersRank has outgrown the startup pants when you are able to modify your account’s settings as you wish (i.e., without asking us for a custom change). 🌱

How to test this update:

Go to the top right corner of the search page. 2. Click on the profile icon. 3. Select either a UI setting or go into Account settings for more options.

Bonus: reset filters!

With this simple addition, you’ll be able to shave some time off your search routine. Once you’re ready for a new search, simply click ‘reset’ and start with a blank slate.

Now it’s your turn: try the new features!

As we are cleaning up the search results, we are also busy coding new features for you. We have received some feedback requesting ‘saved search’ and ‘search alert’ functionalities. Great news: we are hoping to release these additions in just a few weeks. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, try out all the mentioned additions via the link below:

πŸ‘‰ Go to search.codersrank.io and login to your account to try all the new stuff!


Request an account (and a free demo) from me! I will personally evaluate your needs and help you get the most out of a CodersRank account! 🌟


CEO & Founder of CodersRank.

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