As a developer, the chances are that most of the code that you write is private code. In fact, I’ve recently looked up exactly how much code on GitHub is private. It turns out it’s about 152 million repos (about 76%) 👇

Since developers spend a massive chunk of their professional lives working on private repos, it’s only fair that all this hard work finds a reflection in their CodersRank profiles.

This is exactly why we’ve created our repo_info_extractor 🎉

You can use it to extract data from your private repos and ‘feed’ it to CodersRank. As a result, you’ll get a more accurate CodersRank score which will better represent your skills as a developer.

Sounds exciting? Here is how you can add your private code to CodersRank and enjoy a boosted score in two easy steps. 

(The steps below cover the easiest binary method, check the documentation for other methods.)

Spoiler alert💡 there is also a hot announcement from CodersRank at the bottom, so keep reading!

How does the repo_info_extractor work?

Before we dive in, let’s cover the basics. The script extracts the needed data from your repos and uploads it to CodersRank. You can use it with GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, or extend it to any repository hosting service.

We only extract information that is needed to calculate your score – the number of new lines and the number of deleted lines in each commit. 

All other information such as remote URLs, file names, emails, names is hashed. For instance, we can know if two commits belong to the same file, but we won’t know the file name.

The script saves the output to your machine, so you can see what data has been extracted and decide whether you want to share it with us or not.

Some useful links:

✔️ GitHub
✔️ Documentation

2 Easy Steps to Add Your Private Repo to CodersRank (binary method)

Follow the steps in the video below or jump directly to the text instructions. 

How to add a private repo to your CodersRank account

1. Download the binary executable

You can copy the link to the latest release version for your system from our releases page.

Copy the link to the latest release version for your system from our releases page

2. Run the binary executable

Here’s the code to run in your console:

wget # replace with the latest version
chmod +x repo_info_extractor_osx                                                                            # in case of Linux, OSX first make it executable
./repo_info_extractor_osx --repo_path ./path_to_repo

 And here is how it’ll look on your machine:

Retrieving the latest version of the repo_info_extractor from CodersRank’s GitHub
In the case of Linux, OSX first make it executable and only then run the script

🚩There are three flags available:

--repo_path string: Mandatory. Path of the repo which will be analyzed.
--emails string array: Optional. By default repo_info_extractor will ask you to choose your emails from all the emails found in commits. But if you know which emails you've used, you can provide them as a comma separated list, (e.g. ",")
--gitPath string: Optional. By default repo_info_extractor will try to find your git, but if you see an error related to "git not found", you can manually provide your git path.

Ok, the magic has been done. You’ve extracted the data from your repos and uploaded it to CodersRank.

To see the results, follow the link that will show up on your screen.

The link to your updated profile will show up on your screen after the code has been executed

What’s next? Click the ‘Calculate the Experience’ button and watch your CodersRank score grow in front of your eyes. Click ‘Re-load your profile’ upon completion to see your updated score.

If you’d like to see the breakdown of how many points have been added for each repo, you can find it under ‘Manually added repos’

The breakdown of how many points have been added for each repo can be found in ‘Manually added repos’

That’s it! The repo_info_extractor gives you the transparency and flexibility to extract data from any Git repository whether it is from GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, or virtually any other code hosting services. We hope this helps you showcase your skills and experience as a developer to the fullest extent.

More News from CodersRank

🆕Now it’s time for the announcement that I’ve promised earlier🎉

You can now request features, report bugs, access our changelog, and vote on the request of others directly on our Feedback page. Check it out, vote on your favorite requests, and even leave a few ideas of your own!


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