Gigster to Acquire Award-Winning CodersRank Strengthening Ability to Assemble the Best Global Developer Teams

The acquisition instantly grows Gigster’s custom software development services to 250+ technologies and will serve as the first of many human cloud AI tooling solutions for customers.

Gigster, a leading custom software development platform that assembles project-specific teams using its proprietary AI-driven engine, announces it has signed an agreement to acquire CodersRank, a comprehensive and transparent developer ranking SaaS platform used by companies worldwide. This move will transform how businesses engage and evaluate tech talent, reaffirming Gigster’s position as an industry leader and an innovator in global, elastic staffing.

As the need for technology grows exponentially, Gigster and CodersRank will answer the increasing demand for a verifiable, transparent system showcasing software developers’ expertise and skills. CodersRank’s groundbreaking platform offers a holistic view of a developer’s capabilities, pulling data from various coding platforms, repositories, and project tooling to provide a cohesive, detailed portfolio for each individual.

“The core of developing great software is world-class talent,” said Andy Tryba, CEO of Gigster. “CodersRank’s technology for assessing developer skills and their vast network significantly enhances our capacity to ensure customer success.”

For CodersRank, joining forces with Gigster represents a leap toward their mission of helping developers verify their expertise and connect to great opportunities. “The 600k developers from 140 countries who excel in more than 250 technologies already appreciate the value of objective validation of their skills and experience. Together, we’ll provide Gigster and CodersRank clients with the immediate competitive edge of deploying proven technology expertise,” said Karoly Paczari, CEO and founder of CodersRank.

Acquisition Highlights:
Deeper Technical Expertise: Gigster will welcome and enhance the CodersRank core network of 600k engineers from 140 countries who excel in more than 250 technologies.

Enhanced Developer Profiles: Gigster’s clientele will benefit from enriched developer profiles, with comprehensive data about prospective hires or team members, ensuring an ideal match for each project.

New SaaS Products: CodersRank will be the first of many Gigster SaaS products. With over ten years of research and 5,000 projects, Gigster has built world-class tooling for predictive team performance analytics. Gigster has begun integrating the CodersRank product as part of its offering and will launch an integrated offering starting Q4 2023.

Developer Learning Initiatives: Plans are underway to launch community-driven events, webinars, and learning modules to help developers enhance their skills and businesses understand the evolving tech landscape.

About CodersRank
CodersRank is a SaaS platform that supports software developers in job-seeking and professional growth. Its platform facilitates the creation of real-time and up-to-date professional profiles based on coders’ public and private data on sites and repositories to represent their work experience over time, enabling users to focus on daily work while leveraging opportunities that match their skill sets, credentials, and interests. CodersRank’s platform provides powerful business intelligence for companies in evaluating and empowering their software development efforts. Visit to learn more.

About Gigster
Founded in 2014, Austin, Texas-based Gigster uses the human cloud to deliver custom software solutions faster to mid-market and enterprise companies, including web, mobile, blockchain, and AI/ML. Its global, AI-driven platform assembles project-specific engineering teams on demand, typically deploying software 3x faster than the traditional development methods. Its teams have completed more than 5,000 projects and have maintained a customer satisfaction score of over 90%.

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CEO & Founder of CodersRank.

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