Up until now, you could compare your skills with other developers worldwide based on CodersRank Rank in particular programming languages, but also by comparing the overall CodersRank Rank globally or in a given location. Comparing companies and schools based on associated users’ scores is also available.

Starting now, we are adding ranking based on technologies score. This means that you can check your rank in all libraries, frameworks and other tools supported in CodersRank.

Leaderboard of top developers in Node.js

Similarly to how it works with languages, you can check the entire leaderboard for a given technology globally, but also filter it by any country or even city. The score for each technology is calculated in the same fashion as for programming languages, so if you want to climb up the ranks, check how to increase the score.

Technology Badges

Apart from technology-based ranking, we have also introduced technology-based badges. This means you can earn any of the CodersRank badges – including the recently-added Seniority Badges – to your profile. In order to add to your profile all the badges that you’ve earned so far, all you need to do is log into your profile. Once logged in, you will see a pop-up informing you about new badges you have earned and prompting you to highlight your badges in a dedicated menu.

Badges on the profile of CodersRank’s CTO, peti2001

In case you think you might have earned some new badges that aren’t present in your profile yet, make sure to refresh your profile using the dedicated refresh button .

What about my Widgets?

The change impacts the Widgets, too! Make sure to refresh your Summary Widget so that it stays up to date with the new, cool, fresh badges that you have earned.

Got any feedback about this feature? Or about anything else in CodersRank? Or maybe you think you have the best idea for a new badge we could add? Head over to our Canny page where we gather all feedback from you – our users. We’ll be taking inspiration from your requests more and more often!

And don’t forget about our Slack community – it’s a fantastic place to share CodersRank experiences or interact with CodersRank team in real time. See you there!

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