Our mission is to provide developers with the always up-to-date, most accurate developer profile available on the internet. With that in mind, we’ve got a few exciting ideas and plans on how we can help you showcase your developer journey even better.

Current state

  • We have more than 45K registered developers
  • 30K repositories are being analyzed every day on average
  • We can aggregate your work from any Git repository (including private repositories), LinkedIn, and StackOverflow

How are we planning to do it even better?

We’ve got a lot of feedback about out repo_info_extractor. There are two problems with it:

  • It is hard to use
  • It needs to be manually run each time when you want to upload the latest changes

We are rewriting the repo_info_extractor in order to make it faster and more user-friendly. The Python implementation has some performance issues and it might be difficult to use without prior experience in this language. This is why we decided to rewrite it in Go and provide a binary executable, making it much easier to use and to extract data from multiple repos.

Want to share some feedback or ideas about our repo extractor? Join the discussion.

Q2 Plans

A developer’s profile is not just about coding. Developers do other things too. Things like learning, creating content, sharing their knowledge, organizing events, solving coding puzzles, etc. Imagine if checking someone’s profile would tell you how big of an influencer they are or how they learn new things.

How exactly does this work? The same way as we aggregate your GitHub, StackOverflow, and LinkedIn profiles and provide you with your comprehensive ranking as a developer. We’ll aggregate metrics from Twitter, Quora, Medium, and other sources to offer you the most complete overview of a developer’s influence.

To make this happen, we need many more integrations. This is why we want to give a chance to anyone to write their own CodersRank integration. We won’t give up writing new integrations for you, but you’ll be able to integrate other apps and websites, e.g. HackerRank.

What’s next?

We’re standing at a crossroads between narrowing down to the job market or opening up and providing solutions in learning and networking.

Option A – Helping you find the best fitting job

If we take this direction, we would put more focus on active and passive job seekers. Let’s assume companies can create their profiles on CodersRank by uploading their code. You would have much better insights about the company such as the technologies they use. We can also score recruiters, so you’ll only hear from our vetted and trusted recruiters.

Option B – Data platform

What if CodersRank could not only show your most accurate professional profile but based on this data we could recommend the most relevant jobs, learning materials, books, people to connect with, a repository to contribute, etc?

Like that you could always have personalized recommendations based on your current profile. For example, if you’re trying your hand at machine learning, you’ll see recommendations from Kaggle based on your current level of knowledge. 

We are not sure yet which path we’ll choose yet. Both of them are very exciting. Help us decide the future of CodersRank and vote below 👇


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