Finding and hiring a developer on CodersRank has just gotten easier!

Great news: we’ve been busy adding new features to CodersRank’s recruitment pages. The following update is for our tech recruiter partners and clients.

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What’s new?

1. Order by profile changes and specifics

We have added a sorting function to make searching in the database easier and faster. Want to add another sorting option? Just drop us a line!

2. Other matches

The first tab (“Perfect Matches”) on your search results page lists out users who have actively filled out job search-related information. They are most likely to be looking for a job or open to getting offers.

We have now added a second tab on this page (“Other Matches”), which consists of our other users who have connected their GitHub, GitLab, Stack Overflow accounts but not provided job search data yet. Their software development experience will show up based on their code stored in repositories.

This means that you can contact around 40,000 developers with job offers! That’s how many per day again? 🤓

3. Mark users who had already been shortlisted

There are THOUSANDS of developers for hire in our database. We don’t expect you to remember all the ones who you’d messaged. Hence, we added a tiny marker to developer profiles in the search results so that you know who you’re already in contact with. Just look for the badge “Contacted”.

4. Boolean search

This one was a backend fix to make searching easier and faster. You are probably already familiar with boolean search – great news; CodersRank’s talent search engine is now running on boolean! We support ‘OR’ and ‘AND’ operators so far (but not the ‘NOT’).

You can use this feature in the Technical Skills search field.

5. Location search by country, continent, city

hire developers by location

This was a small but handy fix. You no longer need to input all European countries to see results for Europe. Instead, you can simply search by continent to find your perfect candidate.

And not only that, but you can also mix and match different locations into one search. For example, you can search for developers in India, Berlin, and Arizona. Simply start typing and select each location as they come up.

6. Search match highlights

You know how Google bolds the text in their search results that match the user’s query? This feature is amazing, as it helps you see your best matching results in context. And now you have it, too!

7. Profile snapshot

full stack developer in india profile snapshot
Example of the profile snapshot in the search results (personal info hidden)

We are all about generating time savings for you wherever we can! You no longer need to open each profile to learn more about the candidate: there is a quick snapshot of their knowledge, skills, and other info right on the search results page.


All of the above improvements came from the valuable feedback that you provided to us, so we really hope that you like everything so far. We focused on making your search experience faster and easier so that you can find the next best developers for hire.

As always, we are happy to add more features to the recruiter pages if required – just send me a quick email with your idea. 💡

Happy hiring!


CEO & Founder of CodersRank.

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