Writing code can be a challenging vocation. It’s a lot more fun and a lot less overwhelming when you’ve got people to look up to and lean on.

A few months ago, we did an article about Hungarian developers you should follow. Now it’s time to shine the light on Poland. There are a lot of talented developers in Poland and on CodersRank.

The country is home to over 295,300 software development experts and it is considered to be one of the fastest-growing tech nations in the world.

Poland’s IT industry is expected to generate $13 billion in revenue by 2022. It’s all thanks to their developer talent which has been consistently ranked amongst the Top 5 across the globe.

Today, we’ll put the focus on Polish developers. We’ve curated a list of 10 developers who you should follow for their interesting content. Some are on CodersRank, some are not. We have bloggers, vloggers, speakers, event organizers, and more. But one thing is common in them.

All of these experts have built a solid reputation for developing and sharing quality content about all things related to coding. You may already recognize some big names but we have also included the rising stars from the development the scene.

Whether you’re just starting your programming career or you’ve been doing this for a while now, you’ll find community and inspiration from these developers.

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Bartłomiej “furas” Burek

Bartłomiej is an IT developer, machine learning expert, and blogger with over two decades of programming experience. He mostly writes about Python, Linux, machine learning. He likes helping people solve complex problems while working with different kinds of programming languages.

What he’s up to:

If you’re interested in front-end, back-end, game development, machine learning, data science, and everything in between, we recommend keeping an eye on him.

  • Bartłomiej is skilled in over two dozen programming languages and tech stacks including Flask, Ubuntu, pygame, JavaScript, Python, Dash, Angular JS, Keras, Tensorflow, and React JS.
  • He’s very active on various developer forums across platforms like Stack Overflow, Reddit, 4Programmers, and Polish Python Coders Group.
  • Bartłomiej runs a resource-heavy blog at blog.furas.pl.
  • On CodersRank, he is in the Top 1% of developers in the world and Top 5 Python programmers in Poland.

He is most active on Stack Overflow with a reputation score of more than 90,000. He has helped over 4,500 developers with his answers. You’ll probably gain a ton of new knowledge about practically everything from following him. 

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Ania Kubów

Ania Kubow is a software engineer, vlogger, entrepreneur, and tech thought leader. Before she switched careers to software development, Ania worked as a financier and derivatives broker.

She started an e-commerce jewelry business, Whistle + Bango, at the age of 23, and successfully exited three years later in 2017. 

She specializes in recreating classic and popular retro games using HTML, Javascript, and CSS.

What she’s up to:

  • Ania currently strengthens the team at Eurostar.
  • She also runs GeekGirlMeetup, a community for women in the UK interested in all things tech that boasts of over 4,000 members.
  • Ania regularly creates content on YouTube to her nearly 60,000 followers. She is focused on helping developers master logical thinking, as well as React, HTML, Node.js, CSS, and JavaScript fundamentals. 
  • She hosts tutorials and courses on Scrimba, Udemy, Freecodecamp, and Codedamn.
  • Her writing has been featured in publications like Entrepreneur and Startupgrind.

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Dawid Urbański

Dawid Urbański is a full-stack web developer, WordPress expert, entrepreneur, consultant, and speaker. He has over 10 years of commercial software programming experience in JavaScript, MySQL, WordPress, Apache, Bootstrap, PHP, and more.

What he’s up to:

  • He serves as the front-end technical lead for HYD, formerly known as Mobile Five, a tech consultancy and product development agency.
  • He has worked for several notable companies in the past including Xfive, UnitedIdeas, In’saneLab, underDev, and WP Desk.
  • Dawid founded and has been successfully running his own web development company, Webastik,  since 2011.
  • He is certified as one of the top 2% WordPress developers in the world.
  • Dawid knows multiple tech stacks and programming languages including React, Node.js, Vue, WooCommerce, Bash, MariaDB, Laravel, JSON, and CSS.
  • He is ranked in the Top 3% of developers on CodersRank, and amongst the platform’s Top 5 SCSS, Top 10 PHP, and Top 50 JavaScript developers in Poland.

Dawid was the first external developer ever whose plugins made it into WP Desk, the largest and only Polish WooCommerce plugins marketplace. He is also a well-known speaker at WordPress-related events.

If you’re a front-end or back-end developer, we recommend checking out his workshops and lectures via his personal website.

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Marta Wiśniewska

Marta is a front-end developer, international speaker, and Google Developer Expert in Angular and Web Technologies. 

She is passionate about progressive web apps (PWA) and hybrid apps.

She also enjoys working with the tech community, sharing her experience, and experimenting with new web features. Marta holds a Bachelor’s degree in Power Engineering and a Master’s in Computer Science from Warsaw University of Technology. 

What she’s up to:

  • Serving as an organizer for Google Developers Group Warsaw and Women Techmakers Warsaw.
  • Working as a front-end engineer for Networked Energy Services (NES) Corporation.
  • She is a co-creator of the open-source project, PWA Fire.
  • Marta has been invited to speak at numerous tech conventions and other events.
  • She has worked as a web developer and Angular developer for e-point SA, Cosmose Inc, Eversis, and MCX Systems.
  • She has written and published content on Ultimate Courses
  • Marta specializes in JavaScript, Ionic, Firebase, Angular, TypeScript, and PWA.

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Katarzyna Płocka

Katarzyna Płocka is a software developer for Pragmatic Coders.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Master’s in Electronic Data Processing, which positioned her for a career in information technology. 

What she’s up to:

  • Katarzyna works with many programming languages and technologies including CSS, HTML5, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript, Git, PHP, C++, and Java.
  • She has held software development positions at Lekta AI and GlobalLogic Poland.
  • She’s a core team member and co-organizer of ngGirls, a community dedicated to helping women excel in the tech and web development world by coding with Angular.
  • Katarzyna is an exceptional speaker and IT event coordinator.

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Tomasz Mazur

After earning his undergraduate degree in Marketing/Marketing Management, Tomasz, gave it up to pursue a career in tech. Today, he is a software developer who has gained mastery of over a dozen programming languages and technologies. 

The self-described Ruby and JavaScript passionate has nearly a decade and a half of experience as a programmer. He has a proven history of working in the supply chain and logistics industry.

What he’s up to:

  • Tomasz has plied his trade as a seasoned developer for several companies such as Cogwise software, EXVO, and Autohaus24.
  • He currently serves as a senior software engineer for tiramizoo GmbH, a logistics provider.
  • He belongs in the Top 5% of developers on CodersRank.
  • Tomasz is ranked amongst the Top 1% Ruby & CoffeScript, Top 2% ERB, Top 4% SASS, Top 10% of JavaScript developers on CodersRank worldwide.

Both back-end and front-end developers can benefit from familiarizing themselves with Tomasz’s work.

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Mirosław Zelent

Another Polish developer you should have on your watchlist is Mirosław Zelent.

He is a freelance programmer, YouTuber, and teacher who is fascinated by the world of computer science, philosophy, and psychology. 

His mission is to translate technology and programming in a way that’s easy for everyone to understand and help developers unlock their full potential.

What he’s up to:

  • Mirosław is the co-founder of the 314k-subscriber-strong channel, Pasja Informatyki, where he breaks down complex programming and IT topics for his audience.
  • He runs a successful podcast called Passion of Informatics, which is based on his popular YouTube channel.
  • Mirosław creates and publishes content dedicated to computer science, mathematics, self-development, and programming-related topics on his eponymous blog.
  • He hosts a discussion forum for computer enthusiasts and aspiring IT professionals to connect, ask questions, and exchange ideas. It currently has more than 53,000 members.

Regardless of what field of software development you work in or what level you’re at in your career, you can learn a thing or two from the courses and posts on Mirosław’s personal website.

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Damian Stelmach

Damian is a YouTuber, tutor, and computer networking specialist.

He’s the second-half of Pasja Informatyki, a YouTube channel he co-created in 2012 and has helped grow to over 314,000 subscribers. 

He is committed to sharing his wealth of knowledge and helping people understand all the various computer functionalities.

What he’s up to:

  • He regularly creates and publishes resources, how-to pieces, tests, and tips for computer enthusiasts on the blog PasjaInformatyki which he co-owns with Mirosław Zelent.
  • Damian is making computer science more accessible by providing free online education and excellent tutorials via the channel, Pasja Informatyki or Passion of Informatics.
  • He serves as co-host of the Passion of IT podcast with Mirosław.

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Adam Romański

It’s not very often that you find a software engineer who also moonlights as a content writer and creator, but Adam Romański is that kind of dev. Before he began writing code professionally, he worked as a creative copywriter developing marketing campaigns for multiple ad agencies. 

This front-end developer is also a YouTube creator and tech tutor. He loves elegant code, great design, and helping others achieve their dreams of becoming a developer.

What he’s up to:

  • Works as a front-end engineer at Hotjar, a company that builds website behavior analytics tools.
  • He spent three years serving as a front-end developer, pre-sales expert, and team leader at Netguru, a digital consultancy and product development firm.
  • Adam publishes videos regularly on YouTube about everything coding-related and has garnered over 48,000 subscribers.
  • He creates and teaches programming courses on React and Gatsby on Helloroman.pl.

Are you a front-end developer looking to fuse clever ideas with technology or build functional and beautiful products efficiently? We recommend following him on various channels.

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Jacob Dzwinel

Jacob is a software developer with nearly a decade of experience designing and building video games for various platforms using Unity.

He earned a Master’s in Video Game Production from Jagiellonian University.

What he’s up to:

  • He’s working in a contract position as a solo game developer for Humble Bundle, a company that sells games, software, books, and more.
  • He has worked as a graphic designer and game programmer for Allegro, Sodigital, Teyon, and Awesome Industries.
  • Jacob has created dozens of fun games including Midnight Fight Express, There Is No Escape, Raven Crime, Black IV, Soldier of Pain, and ArmorLock.

If you’re interested in game development, you’ll want to follow this indie programmer for technical advice and code examples.

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Are you ready to build a compelling portfolio?

There you have it. A list of Polish developers who are doing amazing things in their career and making the software community better along the way. These experts are all incredibly talented and they’re not done giving us the best they have to offer. Give them a follow!

Now it’s your turn.

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